Archwires bonded behind teeth

Once in place they stay in place very well for many years. However it’s still best to avoid biting with your front teeth on hard food. In case archwire gets fully or partially debonded, call us immediately!

Teeth can be very unstable for the 6 months following appliance removal. Later on, between age 15 to 22, for everyone, a move forwards takes place bit by bit. Even if removing wisdom teeth, it may happen. These archwires protect you from tooth movement, just keep them!

Later on it’s best to stay cautious. Teeth will move throughout your entire  life, with or without treatment. This is why we recommend keeping in place lifetime these protective systems against any potential movements. It is not an ogligation. It’s a warranty. As these archwires are bonded, it does not require any compliance from the patient. You just have to get them fixed with closest dentist or with us, when needed (maximum every 5 years).

Invisible plastic retainers

You have to wear them 24/24 except lunch time throughout 6 firts weeks and then only at night for a year. They might seem uncomfortable at first but after a hours everything is OK. They must be either in your mouth or in their box! (you’re most likely to lose them if you leave them in a towel, a pocket, a table corner or on a meal tray).

You must clean them every day just like your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You should also clean them once a day by putting them in a glass with a tarter removing product (e.g. orthojunior, coréga).

Call us immediately if you lose them: teeth move very quickly!

After a year, we recommend wearing them once a month to check. If movement occurred, even if not visible, you will feel a light tension wearing your retainers. In case it happens, we recommend that you go back to a 24/24 wear for a week, then a night wear for a month before getting back to a once a month wear. By doing this monthly test, you make sure to stop any potential movement. If retainers are not worn for more than two months and teeth moved during that time, retainers cannot put your teeth back. You’ll have to consult us on what to do.

This website gives access to general information about orthodontic treatments. It is not meant to replace personal patient / practitioner relationship that you will get in our clinic.