What has changed in orthodontics?

Ce qui a changé en orthodontie
Ce qui a changé en orthodontie

Patient is a champion to be supported, rather than a powerless victim. Orthodontist is no longer an almighty doctor with his patient, but a caring coach who, with his team, is helping him to reach his goal: a smile and well balanced teeth for the rest of his life.

Treatment duration is shorter.
Currently, average active treatment time is 18 months in our clinic. This enables patients to remaining motivated until end of treatment.

Treatments are stable. There is automatically one retention year after any treatment in permanent dentition. Compliance is minimal for the patient is: an invisible fixed system and a visit every 3 months.

Treatments no longer hurt. Using light forces and frictionless systems makes teeth move smoothly without sudden change in force level, which was generating pain before.

Dental appliances are less visible and bulky : No more bands, use of ceramic or lingual ( on tooth internal face) braces.

Dr Alexandrian doesn’t use anymore headgears that patients used to wear at night and favors appliances requiring minimum compliance for the patient.

Removing permanent teeth is no longer systematic. Dr Alexandrian managed to reduce tooth extraction rate to only 5%.

This website gives access to general information about orthodontic treatments. It is not meant to replace personal patient / practitioner relationship that you will get in our clinic.