For children

When to start?

Pour les enfants
For children

Children between 3 to 6 years old usually have baby teeth. It is possible to treat jaw discrepancy at that age, but correction might not be stable. No permanent teeth are present to block treatment result.

Children 7 to 8 years old have 12 permanent teeth.
Their motivation for treatment is always there and they are also very compliant. Growth is huge. Oro facial maturity is taking place ( stopping thumb sucking habits, tong thrust). It is ideal time to rectify growth deviating patterns which might need bigger efforts and aplliances later on. It shortens later treatment time at teenager age. It allows optimal jaw growth before arrival of next 12 permanent teeth around 12.
Being able to block treatment result with some permanent teeth is a warranty for treatment stability without retainer.

Pre-teenagers Most treatments are indicated around that age. Just look at teenagers in 5è (6th grade). It’s obvious, everything that is needed for things to work is there:

  • Motivation (all classmates have braces)
  • Energy (ups and downs of adolescence didn’t occur)
  • All permanent teeth (for stable and global correction)

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