The use laser technology in orthodontics

The laser has proven itself in orthodontics in recent years and represents a powerful tool to accelerate treatment time.

Dr Alexandrian has been using it for a year through a wireless instrumentation, a new, high performance method.

Why use laser treatment?

  • To accelerate the eruption of a tooth that remains stuck
  • To shorten the duration of treatment (indeed, teeth for which an opening is executed by lazer emerge quicker, faster cellular activity around the eruption is favored)
  • To perform a simple act, almost painless with little bleeding
  • To prevent the patient from having braces in high school if his teeth are slow to come out.

When do we use the laser?

When the eruption of a tooth is over a year late. The age at which the eruption of various teeth occurs is as follows :

  • 7 years old for the first molars at the back
  • 8 or 9 years oldfor the incisors
  • 13 years old for the second set of molars (back teeth just before the wisdom teeth). They normally come out at 12 years.

What occurs in laser treatment?

The procedure is extremely simple and almost painless, the gum is numbed with cold spray every 20 seconds. Dr. Alexandrian cuts a tiny piece of gum using the laser, which would have been removed from the tooth when it erupted anyway. A clip is immediately pasted on the tooth and the tooth set in motion: watch video

What are the limits of laser treatment?

Laser treatment is extremely simple but only allows for removal of a tiny portion of the gum. Once the tooth is in a zone which is not covered by pale pink gum attached to the bone, more fibrous gum must be provided by a specialist, generally a periodontologist, and is done under local anesthesia.

This type of procedure of not covered by Social Security. Even with a specialist, Social Security reimbursment is minimal. However, gain in terms of treatment time is huge! It prevents many teenagers from having to wear braces in high school when having late tooth eruption.

To remember

Laser treatment is becoming increasingly prevalent in orthondontics because it brings comfort to patients having slow erupting teeth. It enables them to avoid wearing braces for too long. Laser treatment is becoming a must tool in orthodontics and opens new ways to accelerate tooth movement, because it affects cellular activity.

This website gives access to general information about orthodontic treatments. It is not meant to replace personal patient / practitioner relationship that you will get in our clinic.