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For clarity, and respect for HON chart, Dr Stella Alexandrian wants to give below further informations.

On the content:

This website contains informations about the team and the orthodontic clinic, about how first appointments go as well as treatments in general for children, but also adults. It contains administrative datas, payment and office policies. You will also find informative files to download about various appliances, as well as recommendations, address, phone number and practical informations.

Author and responsible of website: Dr Stella Alexandrian (Doctor in Dental Surgery/ PHD orthodontics)

Finance: This website is entirely financed by Dr Stella Alexandrian.

This website does not allow or receive any advertisement.

Absence of financial interest : Dr Stella Alexandrian has no financial interest in companies or health product suplliers or consulting services interfering with the products she uses (articles L. 4113-13 et R. 4113-110 of Public Health Social Code)

About confidentiality

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This website also contains a secured acces for patients using personal password that can be communicated by our clinic on request. After identification process, personal following informations are available: day and hour of next appointments, schedule of repayment update. No other personal information, especially medical is available on this website.

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