For new patients

First appointment

You will immediately be greeted by our friendly treatment coordinator who will give you a form to fill in, that you can download: health form for children(61Ko), health form for adult. Some photographs might be taken.
In the peaceful environment of our new patient room, you will watch a short video on what is going to happen on this first appointment.

Dr Alexandrian will then come to:

  • Listen to the purpose of your visit and expectations
  • Perform a clinical and facial examination on the chair
  • Determine need for treatment and when to start

A treatment coordinator will give you all needed information to support you in decision making :

  • How will the treatment be?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How will I pay for it?

There is never any pressure to start. You are free to take our information home and decide whenever you are ready. Questions are always encouraged as well as second opinions. We are here to advice you, so any question is welcome!



Once treatment started, we shall see you at regular intervals of 8 to 12 weeks.
For treatment with braces, a longer appointment (1 to 2 hours) is necessary at beginning and end of treatment.
It is very technical and requires more concentration, so we schedule it before 4pm, and never on Wednesday afternoons.
Appointments for adjustment are scheduled in advance to your convenience and are 20-40 min long.

Our regular office hours are:

Every second Monday: 11am- 7pm
Tuesday: 10.15am – 7pm
Wednesday: 10.15 – 7pm
Every second Thursday: 10.15 – 7 pm
We welcome patients from 12 till 1pm during their lunch break and have our own lunch break from 2pm till 3pm.
Patients are seen by appointments only. We make every effort to be on time for our patientsand ask that you extend the same courtesy to us for the respect of all.
If you cannot be present for your appointment, please notify us by calling 48h ahead, so we can offer your time to another. This means there will be more time for you when you might need it.

Financial policy

We do not want finance to stand in the way of an healthy smile. Therefore we offer several payment plans according to treatment type, mutual health insurance repayment, number of members from the same family in the clinic.
For your satisfaction, we accept payments by bank cheques, cash, credit cards and credit transfer.

Treatment cost depends on the severity of the patient’s problem, on treatment duration. Your quoted fee represents the entire amount. There is no hidden cost.
It is global price for a global service: getting a stable and balanced smile overtime, even a year later
after being finished. It involves all visits and necessary appliances to obtain this result and your satisfaction.


Sécurité Sociale

Sécurité Sociale only reimburses treatment for children younger than 16. There are no reimbursement for adults.
Sécurité Sociale reimbursement has been the same for more than 20 years is 193 euros per semester (with a maximum of 6 semesters).

Our office will either hand directly to you or send by mail forms to fill in and send to your Center in order to make a request for treatment coverage and that has to be done every 6 months. For reimbursements, a fee form is given to you on your request, once payment done.

Private health insurance

They are main repayment providers for treatment. Amount of reimbursement ranges from 0 to 100% of treatment cost.
As service providers they are obliged to give you full clarity on the amount they will repay even before consulting an orthodontist. A paid invoice will be given to you after each payment, as well as any mandatory document for coverage from your personal health insurance.

This website gives access to general information about orthodontic treatments. It is not meant to replace personal patient / practitioner relationship that you will get in our clinic.