For fixed appliance, braces

“It hurts although everything was going well”

  • put wax on the part that rubs straight away (dry the area before if possible with a paper tissue so that it can stick better) see closest general dentist so he can grind or cut any rubbing part. No need for fixing. We prefer to do it ourselves as soon as our office is open
  • Twist in rubbing part with an eraser, in case of protruding archwire
  •   Use small tweezers in case a small bristle from toothbrush got stuck in the appliance, and pull in a snap


“It hurts because I just got my braces on”

Tension : This is normal pain for the first two weeks max after putting braces on: teeth begin to move.

Don’t hesitate to take the pain killers that usually work best for you (it may depend on the patient): paracetemol, aspirin, ibuprofen…


Overall frictions (tongue, cheeks, lips) : to minimise this, use orthodontic wax ( you can buy it at a chemist in case you’ve lost it). Soft mouth tissues will slowly get used to it.


In case of  injury or rubbing in a specific area: apply wax on appliance and chemical oral shield on the injury (such as Urgoaphte) and quickly consult a general dentist so that he can cut off or remove any protruding bits.