When to start a treatment

Age treatment choice is a key element in treatment strategy. Each orthodontist has his way of doing things. Dr Alexandrian chooses what is best according to each patient in order to achieve the shortest possible treatment, when there is more chance for patient to stay motivated.

There are two times for asking this question :

  1. Around 8 : growth discrepancies can be stopped and correction stabilized with some ermanent teeth.
  2. Around 12 : 3 key elements are at disposal : all permanent teeth, growth and reasonable compliance from patient.

After 15, patients energy goes into other things, better to have treatment finished by that age. Unfortunately, Sécurité Sociale has postponed age limit for reimbursments up to 16… So regularly some patients come to our clinic just before getting 16 with no motivation and no growth.

They then start treatment much later when being adults.

Dr Alexandrian advise to consult since the age of 7-8 for simple check up, so that she is in a position to choose the best treatment time for your child.

This website gives access to general information about orthodontic treatments. It is not meant to replace personal patient / practitioner relationship that you will get in our clinic.