Meet Dr Stella Alexandrian

Dr Alexandrian only does orthodontics. She’s settled in the Gobelins area since 1993. She is “Specialist qualified in dentofacial Orthopaedics”, official saying referring to an exclusive orthodontist.

After 5 years studying, Dr Alexandrian obtained her diploma of Doctor in Dental Surgery in 1987 at Paris VII University. Then she studied 4 additional years,

still at Paris VII university, and obtained the C.E.C.S.M.O, certificate of clinical studies special grade orthodontics, giving her the title of “qualified specialist in dentofacial orthopaedic”, equivalent of PhD.

She seeks excellence in the care brought to her patients and follows every year continuous formation seminaries on each and every sector of orthodontics that evolves.

Dr Alexandrian ceaselessly wants her patients to benefit from the most high-performance techniques and the most efficient ones in orthodontics (Self-ligating brackets, lingual techniques, mini implants).

For many years, Dr Alexandrian has been integrating to her exercise new techniques that move forward with her purposes:

keeping all teeth while realising the shortest treatments possible.

N° ordinal de la SELARL : R75/118 – Conventionné Sécurité sociale
N° d’ordre : 17338